About us

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Our approach / philosophy

When you are assessing a research supplier, you can look for their tools and techniques, their qualifications and areas of expertise, and it is certainly important to ensure that they have the correct certifications and quality control processes.

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Our history

Our history begins with the launch of modern Market Research in Australia, when Bill McNair initiated the first radio audience studies in 1934 and formally registered The McNair Survey in 1944.

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Our people

Meet the experienced and professional McNair Ingenuity Research team.

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Reconciliation Action Plan

McNair Ingenuity Research is firmly committed to conducting research designed to benefit Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through improving policy and thus life outcomes across a variety of critical areas including health, employment and education.

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There are currently no full-time or part-time positions available at McNair Ingenuity Research. However, we are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team.

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