Our approach / philosophy

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At McNair Ingenuity we are experts in asking questions.



When you are assessing a research supplier, you can look for their tools and techniques, their qualifications and areas of expertise, and it is certainly important to ensure that they have the correct certifications and quality control processes.

There are plenty of free and economic research tools today – and monitoring social media can provide information without even asking questions.

But ultimately, you have a question to answer or a problem to solve – and at McNair Ingenuity Research we help you to ask and answer that question irrespective of the tools or techniques – because we are masters of the art of designing and asking questions, and interpreting the results to correctly reflect the population.  Just as you can tell the difference between a great sales person and a bad one, a great artist and . . . well . . . a mediocre artist, it is not the tools or the tricks that count, but simply the talent and knowledge of question asking and interpretation.

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At McNair Ingenuity Research we understand.



Research is a reflection of the world we live in.  How we communicate with the people we survey, or involve in qualitative research, reflects our communications with colleagues, friends and family.

Sometimes we communicate online, sometimes by phone, and occasionally a letter on paper is a welcome change, but it is also great to meet people face to face.

At McNair Ingenuity Research we value communications using technology, as well as in person.  We want to take the time to understand our clients’ information needs and how you will use the results of research for your organisation. We take the same care listening to those that participate in our research, whether this is in a focus group, over the telephone from our CATI call centre, via an online survey, or even a paper-self completion survey.

Most importantly, our organisation is committed to a culture of understanding.  Our interviewers are mature, experienced and trained professionals who are able to listen to the needs of older Australians or people with disabilities.  We speak their languages so we can understand those who don’t speak English. We understand that people prefer to know they are speaking to someone local – and not an overseas call centre. We understand that everyone we speak to has different cultures and traditions, some of which go back over 200,000 years on this continent.  We understand that some have been working under the Aussie sun since 7.00 am or earlier. We understand that people have different faiths and different concerns and we know how to ask delicate and sensitive questions.  We understand that busy executives want to be able to call us back at a time of convenience to participate in research.  And we understand that people want to speak with friendly, patient and professional interviewers.