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F&P June 2016 Cover

Article – “Right on Target” – Angela Brooks, published in Fundraising and Philanthropy Australasia, June/July 2016

The annual nationwide 2016 survey of Public Awareness and Support from McNair Ingenuity has recently been released.  With a representative sample of 3,524 adults interviewed about their awareness of and donations to the 50 plus charities and aid organisations that…

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Research News, April 2015 Front Cover

Article – “The creepy side of Privacy… and then it gets worse” – Matt Balogh, published Research News, April 2015

From George Orwell’s 1984, to the British thriller TV series The Last Enemy, science fiction has shown us the dsytopian view of being tracked every moment of the day. Yet now the reality has snuck up on us, for many…

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Article – “Australia – Researching the World’s Diversity – in One Country” – published April/May 2014, Research World No.45

There is no question that Western and Asian markets differ in many ways – not just in tastes for clothing, food and music, but also in how major products are used and perceived. To read the full article, click on…

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Article – “What is the most effective method for charity fundraising?” – published 6 March 2014, Mumbrella

Recent pieces on Mumbrella around charity street fundraisers have stirred debate about the pros and cons of the practice. Here Angela Brooks looks at what the statistics show is the best way of fundraising. Following Mumbrella’s recent stories on the pro’s…

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Article – “The most multi-cultural nation on Earth?” – published, Dec 2013, Research News

Australia is arguably the most multi-cultural nation on Earth. While some countries vary vastly by region, Aus­tralia’s diversity is shoulder-by-shoulder. At times this can elicit tension and conflict, but it also results in a vibrantly contrasting social fabric of different…

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