Advertising Effectiveness Research

Advertisers will often talk about advertising effectiveness, but what does this mean?  While audience measurements tell us the proportion of people who may have the opportunity to see or hear advertising, the missing piece in the puzzle is whether they act on the advertising. Will the dollars ring at the cash register?

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Hence, there are 3 steps in the process of showing how advertising works:


The key measure of accountability for advertisers is really all about how the potential customer reacts to the advertising.


Clearly they only tell part of the story. The other part of the story is the success with which an ad delivers against its objectives. Advertising basically aims at persuading consumers to purchase an advertised product or service. An advertisement can have a range of immediate objectives – from pre-disposing a consumer to buy through to stimulating immediate purchase.


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A successful advertising effectiveness measurement system should be:

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  • Validated – based on a tested survey that ‘proves’ the credentials of the measure adopted.
  • Credible – incorporating accepted currency and standards.
  • Simple – to implement and able to generate outcomes that are readily understood and easy to apply.
  • Robust – able to provide benchmarks to calibrate and assess individual ads against norms that will be established.
  • Adaptable – so that it can be utilised across a range of titles and flexible enough to provide additional measures if necessary.
  • Replicable – for consistent results over time and essential for trending analysis and comparison

McNair Ingenuity Research has a long history in advertising research as well as in conducting research for media clients.  The company prides itself on having a strategic focus on outcomes for research users – with a flexible and creative approach, with the ability to create customised research to suit objectives of the stakeholders.

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McNair Ingenuity Research regularly conduct advertising research for:

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  • Creative testing
  • Campaign Development and Strategy
  • Campaign Awareness and Opinions
  • Campaign Effectiveness and return on investment

For these we utilise the best of qualitative and quantitative methods available.