Customer Satisfaction Research

We know you want to know what your customers really thought of their experience with you.

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Some of the more motivated (or truly angry) ones will tell you. Some of them might even “like” you on facebook, tweet or blog about you. But are they representative of all of your customers? In the main part it is the great silent majority that you need to look after. Those who just quietly go about their business and when they are unhappy they just walk away. No explanations needed.

At McNair Ingenuity Research we use an exacting science to ensure that we not only ask the right questions but ask the right people. We ask them in a way that customers feel comfortable. We will contact a sample of your customers guaranteeing that their privacy is assured. We will recommend the best method to contact your customers – this may be online if you have email contacts available or by telephone utilising our highly experienced team of executive interviewers.

Typical questions might include:

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  • Overall satisfaction levels;
  • Competency and professionalism levels;
  • Areas in which the organisation is not meeting consumer expectations;
  • Likes and dislikes with services;
  • Awareness of key services and products; and
  • Broad demographic breakdown of customers.

In asking questions of satisfaction we have learned that the best way to determine satisfaction with different areas is to ask not only how satisfied the respondent might be with a certain service or product but also first ask how important that service or product is to the respondent. In analysing the results we provide quadrant analysis that shows which areas the company should focus on first.

McNair Ingenuity Research Customer Satisfaction Model

High Level of Satisfaction

Low Correlation with overall satisfaction

Passive competitive advantage – can be subjected to cost benefit appraisal Competitive advantage attributes worthy of even more leverage

High Correlation with overall satisfaction

Less significant attributes Competitive disadvantage needs to be addressed

Low Level of Satisfaction

Thus McNair Ingenuity Research provides our customer satisfaction clients with results that are actionable and measurable, allowing the organisation to constantly test their improved performance over time.

Our experience in customer satisfaction includes working with some of the largest corporations in Australia, as well as high level government departments and not for profit organisations.