Government, Community and Health Research

McNair Ingenuity Research has extensive experience in conducting social research for both government departments and not-for-profit organisations, including on health-related topics.

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We are experts in developing questionnaires and topic guides that cover such subjects in a non-judgmental and sensitive manner.  We are also very aware of the need to provide a secure environment for respondents in which they feel they can openly discuss matters. Our interviewers are hand-picked and especially trained to handle these often complex research topics with the utmost professionalism, sensitivity and competency.

At McNair Ingenuity we have worked on a number of highly sensitive issues for Government departments and we are very conscious of the participant’s concern for privacy. We are also very aware of the need to provide a secure environment for people to feel they can discuss issues.

Rigorous procedures are especially important in these categories, since those most at risk are likely to “fall through the cracks” of a less rigorous research design. That’s why McNair Ingenuity Research has designed techniques to maximise response rates, including:

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  • Encouraging survey participation with enthusiastic, friendly and patient interviewers;
  • Extensive call back procedures for telephone surveys, so that we reach people who are not home often – in fact we will call back for the same respondent up to ten times (a ten-call design);
  • Reassurances of legitimacy and privacy by using our website and offering a 1800 freecall number for respondents to call us;
  • Offering multi-lingual support, either with bilingual interviewers, or by conducting complete research programs in a nominated language;
  • Using support material such as advance letters, newspaper ads, website information and self-completion questionnaires to emphasize legitimacy of the survey; and
  • Respondents and interviewers can even suspend during the interview and continue at a later time.

The results of these procedures mean the surveys achieve a very high response rate (up to 70%) ensuring that the results are representative of the whole community being surveyed.

In addition, here at McNair Ingenuity Research we fully understand the importance of supporting the creation of public value when conducting government and community research programmes.  This means we know that to carry out a successful and utility-driven evaluation and analysis of data in the public and community sector space, there must be a strategic focus both in developing the research and with an eye on its endpoint on the three core aspects of providing actionable results to support public value: appropriately targeted research that is objectively valuable to all stakeholders including clients, providers and overseers; results that are attuned to the political environment therefore ensuring an evidence-based platform that will attain the acceptance for further action; and results that call for measures that are logistically realistic and achievable.

Finally, McNair Ingenuity Research has a high level of expertise and strong record of work with non-profits; for example we have been monitoring awareness and public support for charitable organisations since 1987.  We are highly attuned to the research needs of this vital sector, and provide expertly-designed stakeholder research with positive knowledge outputs for a host of factors, including fundraising , membership, public relations, communications, policy development and more.