Do you have research needs that are out of the ordinary?

indigenous cald research

Do you need to reach people from diverse or non-English speaking backgrounds?

Do you need research conducted among Indigenous Australians, or to ensure the inclusion of Indigenous Australians in a broad-based population survey?

If so, McNair has both the resources and the expertise to assist.

Start by consulting with McNair to work out the sample distribution and sizes – the distribution of CALD and Indigenous communities in Australia is significantly different to the overall population.

Most hard-to-reach communities are surveyed by means of a combination of telephone and face-to-face interviewing, depending on the locations and many other factors. A small proportion may be reached online, but rarely enough for use as a method on its own.

Telephone interviewing of Indigenous Australians is conducted by Indigenous Australian interviewers or interviewers who have participated in Indigenous Cultural training – all working from our Sydney call centre.

McNair Ingenuity Interviewing Team
The McNair Ingenuity Interviewing team in our Sydney Call Centre.

Interviewing of people from non-English speaking backgrounds is conducted by trained and experienced bi-lingual interviewers using professionally translated questionnaire scripts. The most common languages that we survey in are:languages

In all cases face-to-face interviewers use a tablet computer for collecting responses, whether that is in a remote community or in any one of the languages above.

SurveyMobSurveyCulture MIR interviewers and offer an easy way for survey respondents or the general community to opt-in to be contacted for future research – mostly by providing a mobile phone number.

Interviewing in Remote Indigenous CommunitiesMIR remote interviewing

McNair has a growing team of trained and experienced Indigenous Interviewers based in remote communities, mostly in the Northern Territory. This allows for face-to-face interviewing using tablets in areas that have a very low incidence of landlines, may not have mobile phone services, and are not open to visitation by non-Indigenous Australians. If you require interviews in remote communities, considerable time should be allowed for preparation, which may include seeking Central Land Council approval.

Above, one of our team interviewing in a remote community.


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