Local Partner – International Research

McNair Ingenuity Research provide market and social research services to companies outside Australia and have specialist processes and facilities to make these projects easy to manage, ensure that costs are kept to a minimum, and guarantee the highest standards of data collection. We also offer flexible processes to deal with different time zones and to ensure that research conducted in Australia is consistent with that being conducted in other countries.

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McNair Ingenuity Research works with many international market research companies from the around the globe. We have partner agreements with companies from the USA, UK, Germany, Japan and Korea to conduct the Australian components for international research programs or conduct specific Australian market studies were we can provide local insight into the research design.

McNair Ingenuity Research has extensive experience in conducting a variety of projects for our international partners, be it consumer or business-to-business research.    We can use any method you require such as CATI interviewing, using our own resources or linking into your existing system, online surveys, face-to-face, in-depth interviews, home visits, focus groups, gang surveys or mystery shopping.    We have conducted surveys on a variety of topics including Customer Satisfaction, Brand Monitoring, Price Mystery Shopping, Car Clinics, Washing Machines and Refrigerators, as well as Pharmaceutical & Health products.

We have access to facilities that offer a variety of live streaming options as well as access to rooms which have the capacity to conduct gang surveys with large groups including large product displays.

McNair Ingenuity Research moderators have extensive experience in conducting focus groups, in-depth interviews and gang surveys, with consumers, doctors, professionals and executives on a variety of topics.  They have worked with many international partners and are used to adapting to any specific requirement that international partners require.

The McNair Ingenuity Research Interviewing team is very experienced in conducting consumer or business-to-business research; we have a dedicated executive interviewing team and our phone system has the ability to record the audio for telephone in-depth interviews if required, our interviewers are used to working with different Web-CATI systems.  For more information on our interviewing team click here.

McNair Ingenuity Research screen all documents to ensure cultural and language differences do not impede respondent understanding and if required we can organise translations of materials and simultaneous interpreting for your research projects.  We also provide quotations in local currency, if required, and international transaction processes so that the entire process can be undertaken electronically.

McNair Ingenuity Research is a member of ESOMAR, the world organisation for enabling better research into markets, consumers and societies.  As an ESOMAR member, McNair Ingenuity Research abides by the ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice, which has been jointly drafted by ESOMAR and the International Chamber of Commerce.


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