Print Media Research

The McNair Ingenuity Research team have substantial experience in media audience measurement. The McNair Survey provided the first media research in Australia in the form of radio audience surveys and magazine advertising effectiveness and readership surveys, going back to the 1930s. During the 1970s and 1980s, McNair Anderson and later AGB McNair, provided the TV, radio and readership currencies for Australia.

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Audience measurement systems, principally ‘opportunity-to-see’ measures, are a key pillar in the decision making process about where to place billions of dollars in advertising.  Audience measures are used to determine the reach and frequency of an advertising campaign; how many people are likely to see the advertising and how often.  Beyond audience size we regularly design surveys to determine satisfaction with content delivery, distribution and format.

McNair Ingenuity Research consultants are experts in readership research having worked for publishers themselves. This gives us a unique understanding of how to design the best survey for specific publisher needs and how to report the findings whether they are to be used to launch a new publication, redevelop an old one or simply to promote the publication to readers or advertisers.

Apart from audience research, McNair Ingenuity Research offers a complete service for the implementation of reader and member surveys. Our experience with hundreds of reader and member surveys is that the single most important factor in the success of self-completion surveys is the initial design of the questionnaire. Easy-to-complete questionnaires with clear questions dramatically increase response levels.

Our service to publishers wanting to conduct reader surveys include:

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  • Questionnaire design, either in an advisory capacity or to finished artwork;
  • Reader and member support with a 1800 free call hotline;
  • Receipt of mail and reply paid receipt of mail;
  • Envelope opening;
  • Data entry, editing and validation of data entry;
  • Reporting, including cross tabulation and summary graphical report; and
  • On-going consultancy services.

Surveys can be designed to suit a range of delivery options:

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  • Page-optimised questionnaire for printing in your publication;
  • Free-standing questionnaires to insert with the publication or send as a separate mailing to members; and
  • Online questionnaire to send to readers/subscribers.

With the exclusive license to use the STARCH technique in Australia, McNair Ingenuity regularly measures the effectiveness of advertising in print media for major publishers. STARCH studies provide our clients with verifiable proof of performance, of the extent to which their readers are noting, reading and engaging with ads – no matter what position or page they are located on.   STARCH questions can be asked of either editorial or advertising items within the same survey or as separate exercises for sales and editorial purposes.

The three basic measurements are:

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  • Noted – percentage of people who had read or seen the advertisement
  • Associated – percentage of people who had associated the advertisement with a brand
  • Read Most – percentage of people who read more than half of the advertisement

In addition we offer some further measures of effectiveness such as:

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  • Relevance-  Whether the advertisement was relevant to the reader
  • Response – Whether the reader responded by taking one of nine actions
  • Likeability- How much the reader liked the ad