Radio Research

McNair Ingenuity Research provides audience measurements for radio and other media – in particular for the Community Radio sector.  This includes:

The National Listener Survey – a national survey of radio listening, providing information on the proportion of listeners to community, commercial and public radio.  The latest full report and an extensive list of fact sheets for each metropolitan and regional area of Australia can be found at the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia website. The results available through the CBAA take a big picture view, and do not include audience information for specific stations.

Snapshot surveys of Community Radio listening – typically conducted over a two week period at the request of one of more community radio stations in one specific area.  The results of Snapshot surveys are provided directly to the community stations that subscribe to them, and the overall data is used to contribute to the National Listener Survey.

Advertisers, sponsors, media agencies and other interested parties requiring information about community radio audiences can access the overall figures at no cost from the CBAA, or can contact individual stations for specific radio station audience information.

While McNair Ingenuity Research does not provide individual station results directly to non-subscribers; advertisers, sponsors, media agencies and other interested parties may contact us through to have information that has been provided by the stations verified.

McNair Ingenuity Research also offer a range of other specialist surveys on Indigenous Media, multi-lingual media and many other specialist options.

How is the information available?

McNair Ingenuity Research provide the results of the National Listener Survey and other radio research in the form of easy-to-read fact sheets.