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Privacy Policy and FAQ

McNair Ingenuity Research Privacy Statement

McNair Ingenuity Research Pty Ltd respects and upholds your rights under the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (“Privacy Act”).  McNair Ingenuity Research also adheres to the Privacy (Market and Social Research) Code 2014 (“Code”). For more information about the Privacy Act, the Australian Privacy Principles and the Code click here.

McNair Ingenuity Research Pty Ltd is Australian owned and operated.

How you get selected to participate in research

You may be selected to participate in research through one of these methods:

  • A random selection by telephone, using the white pages or other telephone listing;
  • A random approach in a public space;
  • A commercially available marketing database;
  • A contact list provided by one of our clients.  In this case we will tell you which client has provided your contact details.  We will have been given your contact details by our client solely for the purpose of the research we are conducting.
  • Global Data Pty Ltd. Global Data’s privacy statement can be found at here.
    Privacy Officer, Global Data Pty Ltd
    Level 12,530 Little Collins Street
    Melbourne, VIC 3000
    Ph: 03 9948 4089    admin@globaldata.net.au

You will always be told which one of these methods has been used to select you to be invited to participate in the research.

Your anonymity

Your identity and contact information is kept in a high security database that cannot be accessed from the Internet, and is only used for our own quality control checks.  Your identity is never passed on to clients for marketing purposes – in fact, unless you are already a customer of our clients (and you give us permission), your identity is never divulged to our clients – and never divulged to any other organisations.  The security of our records is audited every year to ensure compliance with ISO 20252:2012, the International Standard for Market and Social Research.

Identified data – your rights

McNair Ingenuity Research may retain the responses to surveys in association with your contact details in case we need to check the information, and so that we can verify the quality and professionalism of our interviewers.

Your contact details may be kept in association with responses you have given is if you have agreed to participate in related follow-up research.

All information stored at McNair Ingenuity Research is kept in a secure database, protected by:

  • Password limited access to the database;
  • No information is stored via the Internet;
  • No identified information is processed or stored outside of our office in Crows Nest, NSW.

If McNair Ingenuity Research holds identified data about you – that is, the answers you have given to a survey – in association with your contact details, you can contact us to request:

  • Access to any information held that is associated with your identity;
  • Request to have any information associated with you changed or updated;
  • Request to have any information associated with you to be deleted.

You can do this by contacting our Privacy Officer by telephone on 1800 669 133 or by email at: privacyofficer@mcnairingenuity.com

When providing personal information you have the option of remaining anonymous or use a pseudonym to be identified by. However, in certain circumstances, such as where we receive your contact details from a third party or where the research data itself may potentially allow for identification, this may will not be practicable.

Ways in which information is recorded

  • All survey data is stored in the form of secure electronic databases.
  • A selection of telephone interviews are recorded for quality control purposes.  These recording are only retained for a short period, and cannot be identified back to you at any time.
  • Focus groups and in-person interviews may be audio and/or video recorded or watched live.  In these cases you will be advised of this prior to the interview or focus group.  Clients provided with audio or video recordings or who are permitted to watch an interview or focus group are not provided with the identity of the participants.

What personal information McNair Ingenuity Research may collect

McNair Ingenuity Research may ask you questions about:

  • How you have used products and services – both those that you purchase, or others  provided at no cost by the government or media; and
  • Your attitudes and opinions related to commercial and free products and services.

What sensitive information McNair Ingenuity Research may collect

McNair Ingenuity Research only collects sensitive information about topics such as your political views, faith or health when this is necessary for the purposes of our clients’ research objectives, with your consent and if this meets the following ethical guidelines:

  • The research is clearly for the purpose of providing or improving a public service, such as health or social service; or

The research is clearly for the purposes of assisting an organisation provide a positive non-commercial outcome – such as a radio program that meets the needs of certain communities.

Identifying our clients

McNair Ingenuity Research will always advise you who our client is for any research you are invited to participate in.  In some cases we may not be able to advise you who our client is until the end of the survey in order to ensure that the answers that you give are not influenced by who our client is.

In this policy “personal information” has the same meaning as under the Privacy Act.

This policy is effective from 12 March 2014. We may change this policy from time to time. Although we intend to observe this Privacy Policy at all times, it is not legally binding McNair Ingenuity Research in any way.

  Frequently Asked Questions

What is market and social research?

Market and social research provides accurate and timely information the behaviour, needs, attitudes, opinions and motivations of a population. Armed with this knowledge, businesses are able to develop products and services to meet the desires of their customers and governments can tailor policies and programs to the needs of citizens. Also, important national statistics on tobacco use, television ratings, tourism movements, unemployment and so on can be reliably determined.

Why participate in a survey?

Participating in surveys:
Ø Is fun – you often are asked to give opinions about things that you otherwise don’t get a chance to;
Ø Is interesting – it gets you thinking about things that you might not otherwise think about;
Ø Helps companies improve products and services for you as their customer;
Ø Helps formulate public policy so that better services can be provided for you.

How do I know you won’t try to sell me anything?

It is illegal to pretend to be doing market research if the real purpose of the call is telemarketing. Anyone caught doing this can be penalised under the Trade Practices Act.

Does McNair Ingenuity Research store other information about you?

No. McNair Ingenuity Research does not collect information from other sources, such as the Internet. Any information we collect has either been provided by our clients in order to contact you (as described below) or is information that you have told us yourself.

What gives you the right to call me when I haven’t given you permission?

People have the right to privacy. We respect that. But people also have a right to have their opinions heard. From studies on public health, to voting intentions, to television ratings, to surveys of customer satisfaction for developing better products and services, market and social research provides valuable information about our society.

How is it that other organisations can give McNair Ingenuity Research my contact details?

Organisations and companies of which you are a customer may provide us with your contact details in order to conduct a survey about their services. They will not provide us with any sensitive or personal information – just your contact details and the services that they provide you. We will always tell you how we obtained your contact details at the beginning of the survey, and you have the choice not to proceed with the survey if you don’t want to. You can ask for your contact details to no longer be provided to research firms such as ourselves in future, and we will arrange for that to occur. Mostly the survey results are provided anonymously – but sometimes you are given the option for your responses to be identified to you – if you wish.

Won’t I get lots of pesky marketing calls or things in the mail if I answer surveys?

No, market and social research companies are not permitted to sell anything or pass your information on to our clients or other organisations.

How secure is the information that I give them?

Absolutely confidential! Market and social research companies are bound by the Privacy Act, and there are severe penalties for breaching your privacy. Although the interviewer is likely to ask personal questions such as your age category or your income, research companies are only allowed to keep and use this data for statistical purposes.

How can I check the credentials of a company that has called me to do a survey?

Click here to see a list of registered research organisations. You can also call the Market and Social Research Surveyline and speak with a customer support person on 1300 364 830.

Do I have to participate in a survey?

No, you don’t, but most surveys are short, interesting, and for the benefit of consumers generally, so you are strongly encouraged to participate. You will find the interviewers are always well-mannered, and you will enjoy the experience.

Generally, if the survey is longer than 20 minutes you will usually find that an incentive is offered, such as a gift voucher, cheque, or some other benefit.

Why have I been selected to participate in a survey?

Most surveys are based on random samples, and these are often selected from the telephone book, or sometimes ‘random digit dialing’ is used for surveys, which means that a computer has generated a random number in your area for the interviewer to call. An organization that you are a customer of may give us your contact details to call on their behalf. When this this happens, we can only use your contact details for conducting the survey on behalf of the organisation that has provided your contact information.

I have a silent number, why have I been called?

Research companies are permitted to call phone numbers, even if they are not listed in the phone book. If you do not wish to participate in surveys, the interviewer will always accept a polite ‘no thanks’.

I think I am getting calls because I completed another survey, completed a promotion, or registered at a web site, and I don’t want to get calls on that basis any more.

You can always ask the interviewer why you have been selected for the survey, and if it came from some other company, research panel or promotion, they will tell you this so you can de-list with that database.

I have joined the Do Not Call Register, so why am I still getting research calls?

The Do Not Call Register does not prevent you from receiving genuine market and social research calls. However now that you have joined the Do Not Call Register, you will not receive tele-marketing calls from people trying to sell you something, so you will get a lot less calls generally, and those calls that you do get will be for legitimate market or social research.

I have joined the Do Not Call Register and I am still getting marketing calls from organisations trying to sell me something.

If you are getting calls from sales people after joining the Do Not Call Register you should ask for the name of the organisation that is making the call, and you can submit a complaint at www.donotcall.gov.au

Why have I been selected to participate in a survey?

Most surveys are based on random samples, and these are often selected from the telephone book, or sometimes ‘random digit dialing’ is used for surveys, which means that a computer has generated a random number in your area for the interviewer to call.

What if I don’t want to participate in the survey?

Most surveys are not compulsory, but you are encouraged to participate. However if you clearly and politely decline to participate in a survey, the interviewer will always accept your final decision.

I want to do more surveys, can I list somewhere for these?

Yes, to receive PAID research opportunities from McNair Ingenuity Research and other research companies, here are two research panels you can join:



What are the rules about when research firms can call me?

If Market and social research calls can be made between 9 am and 8:30 pm Monday to Friday, and 9 am to 5 pm on weekends. Researchers may call at other times, but only with your permission, such as if they called in the early evening, and you arranged for them to call back later that night.

Can I call to complain?

Yes. It is best to complain directly to the research company in question. You can find a directory of market and social research companies at www.amsrs.com.au However if you are still not satisfied, you can call the industry surveyline on 1300 364 830.