RealtyMine - AnalyzeMe App

What is the study for?

What is my data being used for?

The study you are participating in is designed to explore how people interact with different brands and categories, and how behaviour may (or may not!) have changed throughout 2020/21 and the COVID19 Pandemic.  

To help us understand what people do online, we are using this RealityMine technology to monitor online activity, instead of asking lots of detailed questions. 

This project is being run by GfK Australia, an independent market research company. 

What do I have to do on this study? 

Please install the RealityMine app on your mobile phone and any other device(s) you personally use (e.g. laptop or desktop) and just leave the app running for a total of 4 weeks (i.e. for the whole project) 

To correctly install the device, please make sure you complete all install steps asked by the application. 

For this project we are offering special incentives for installing and keeping the app active on your mobile phone and any other device(s) you personally use (e.g. your laptop or desktop). Please see the separate communication on incentives for these details.


What is a VPN?

We use VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) to meter your web usage for the study. We only capture relevant information for the study using clearly defined rules within our technology

Why do you use Accessibility?

Accessibility is used on Android to capture things like the URL from your browser, or what video you watched on YouTube to understand what our panellists are watching, which benefits the market research study without having to ask you lots of questions!

What are the browser extensions?

Similar to the VPN, we use these extensions to see what websites you are scrolling on 

Privacy mode

You can activate privacy mode for a specified amount of time by going to the application, or panel help site on iOS, and enabling it for x amount of time

What to do if experiencing an issue?

Please get in contact with our support staff, either via the support section of the RealityMeter, or by emailing with a screenshot of the issue and details such as the time and what you are experiencing 

Frequently Asked Questions