Reconciliation Action Plan

McNair yellowSquares is firmly committed to conducting research designed to benefit Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through improving policy and thus life outcomes across a variety of critical areas including health, employment and education.

It is our aim to partner with Indigenous Australian people and organisations in order to provide high quality insights into Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and their viewpoints. Through our research, we will assist policy makers in making informed decisions and improving service delivery – with the ultimate objective of achieving reconciliation and ‘closing the gap’ of disadvantage that currently persists. As a key step towards achieving these goals, McNair yellowSquares made the decision to design and implement a Reconciliation Action Plan. It is our hope that this plan will continue to aid us in our mission to:

  • Foster a positive, respectful workplace culture that celebrates and values diversity and encourages cultural learning;
  • Enrich engagement with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research participants
  • Enhance our understanding of the needs of clients who work in the sphere of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues so that we are equipped to meet and, where possible, exceed their requirements; and to
  • Establish stronger links and build mutually beneficial relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations, people and communities.