SoMe Study 2019 - Instructions


Welcome to SoMe! This is a very simple study that can easily be completed within a week!

Here is what you will do:

  1. Select 3 days to screen record and send your social media use – this will be ONE weekend day and TWO weekdays.

  2. You should have all downloaded the screen recorder app, you will hit record on this app every time you go on social media throughout your selected days.

  3. You must screen record and send AT LEAST HALF of your average daily social media use (which you told us in your screener).
    So if you spend roughly 2hrs each weekday on social media, you will screen record and send us AT LEAST 1hr of videos.

  4. At the end of the day, you will send all of your videos for the day to us via WhatsApp (this can be broken up into 3 videos or 30, we don’t mind!).
    Each video should be labelled with your name, the date and time it was taken.

  5. Once you have completed your weekend day and two weekdays, I will send you a very short final survey to complete and then you will received your well-deserved $50 e-gift card (which can be redeemed at dozens of different stores).

It’s that easy!

Watch this short video to understand what you SHOULD and SHOULDN’T record.

If you have any questions or issues, or if the time you gave us for your average daily social media use is wrong, message us on WhatsApp -  0487 340 294 or email Aliena -