SoMe Study 2019



Thanks for agreeing to take part in this SoMe research study which is investigating new ways to measure what advertising you see on social media.    

What do I need to do?

Basicallywe would like you to use a screen recording app/setting on your smart phone to record your online activity e.g. social media, websites and app use on your chosen days.

Based on what you told us in the pre-study questionnaire, we want you to record at least 50% of your online time.  So if you told us you spend 2 hours online on a Monday, we expect to see at least 1 hour of footage. If you do this for 2 weekdays and 1 weekend day you will get $50!  

We've put together a video (one for iPhone user and Android users) to explain how you go about this. On completion of your tasks and a small 5 mins survey, you will receive $50!! - So, let's watch the video and get started... 

First please watch the instructions for your specific device below, then watch the video on what is required on the next page (Link at the bottom of this page).

If you have any technical issues please email

Please note that your data will be used for research purposes only, your identity will not be exposed under any circumstances. 

iPhone Users

Android Users

Is there more information about this study?

More information can be found in the Participant Information Statement here.

My parent/guardian has questions.

Here is a a link to Parental Information Statement which contains some more information about the study for you and your parent/guardian to read and discuss together.  

If you have any questions or technical problems please feel free to contact us.