Research Design & Project Management

McNair Ingenuity Research adheres to global best practice and the most sophisticated analytical tools. The research design and process will be completely transparent – there is no point at which any method or analytical technique disappears into a ‘black-box’ that cannot be fully comprehended or replicated.  Most importantly, as a full service research firm, our proposals are ‘method agnostic’ – we have no preference for one method over another, ensuring that McNair Ingenuity Research will always recommend the most effective and appropriate method for your requirements.

McNair Ingenuity Research also has considerable experience preparing questionnaires, sampling plans and support documentation for review by ethics committees for government projects.

While McNair Ingenuity Research have developed best practice standards, we always take into account individual client requests or requirements in regards to selection procedures, call-backs and other aspects of research methodology.

All consultants at McNair Ingenuity Research are very experienced in all aspects of questionnaire design and development, having been engaged to do just that for numerous clients over the years. Moreover, our Managing Director, Matt Balogh has played a major role in industry guidance, including holding positions on a variety of industry wide committees, designing and conducting the Best Practice in Respondent Contact seminars, lecturing in the Masters of Marketing at the University of Sydney, and publishing a variety of articles and papers on research practice.

[box color=”blue”]“At McNair Ingenuity Research we believe that a job worth doing is worth doing well. This means that we start by creating the best research design, conduct it to the highest standards and then present the results in the most accurate and timely manner possible.”[/box]

Our point of difference cannot be in the data collection alone because the set procedures and protocols dictate how a particular style of research is conducted.  Our point of difference must be in the design of the research and the consulting support we supply.  We are both architects and builders.  The quality of our designs and construction is second to none.

One of our key mandates is the “2nd pair of eyes”.  Much like having a pilot and co-pilot fly a plane, our practise is to have another person screen our work at each step of the process.  This ensures that we are not too close to our work to see those small things that can go unnoticed. Quality is paramount. At the end of the day our clients need to know they can rely on us to provide the best research possible so they can make the best decisions.

At McNair Ingenuity Research the process of delivering high quality market research is a team effort and all members of the team are responsible for delivering the highest quality of work within their area, be it reporting, data entry, supervising, fieldwork or analysis.

As a brief overview of our workflow, the flowchart below highlights the major stages through which each research project progresses.

Workflow graph

The approach adopted by McNair Ingenuity is integrated with and supported by industry and other standards and codes, as listed below:

  • AMSRS Code of Professional Behaviour
  • AS ISO 20252 – Market and Social Research Standard
  • QPMR Membership
  • IQCA Accreditation (incorporated into AS ISO 20252)
  • Privacy Act and National Privacy Principles
  • The Market and Social Research Privacy Principles
  • Telecommunications Act
  • Lottery and Gaming Act


ISO20252   AMSRS Member Mark

[box color=”blue”]McNair Ingenuity Research was one of the first organisations in Australia to achieve accreditation under AS ISO 20252, the new standard for social research in Australia.  McNair Ingenuity Research’s quality processes are independently audited to ensure the highest standard of research quality.[/box]

Continuous improvement is also achieved through:

  • Participation in industry and professional forums and reading membership/professional literature;
  • Project review of major projects to seek opportunities for improvement; and
  • Internal and external audits of systems to determine strengths and weaknesses.
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All McNair Ingenuity Research’s project are continually monitored and reviewed against the client brief and proposal to ensure that all specifications are being met.  Reviews occur at each of the critical stages of the process including:

  • Objectives and methodology of the research project;
  • Design of the survey instrument;
  • Set up of the CATI script and sampling frame/call cycle;
  • During data collection via validations and monitoring of interviews
  • Coding and data-entry;
  • Analysis of the data;
  • Compliance with relevant law, codes and Standard; and
  • Final report.