South Australian
Population Health Survey

If you receive a missed call from the following number 08 7082 9680, 08 7082 9680, 08 8456 9300, 08 8456 9301, 08 8456 9302, 08 8456 9303, 08 8456 9304, 08 8456 9305, 08 8456 9306, 08 8456 9307, 08 8456 9308, 08 8456 9309, 08 8470 6997, 08 8470 6998, 08 8470 6999, 08 8470 6950, 08 8470 6951, 08 8470 6952, 08 8470 6953, 08 8470 6954, 08 8470 6955, 08 8470 6956, 08 8470 6957, 08 8470 6958,08 8470 6959

 or a text message from
0427 626 247 (MCNAIR) / 0408 089 994 it is likely that we were trying to contact you to participate in one of a variety of surveys we are conducting.

In most cases calls are made randomly to landlines or mobile numbers across Australia. In some cases when we call mobiles we will first need to check if you live in the area in which a given survey is being conducted.

While none of our surveys are compulsory, our clients and ourselves appreciate your participation. In order to ensure that our surveys are representative, McNair yellowSquares is permitted to call both silent numbers and numbers that are on the Do Not Call Register. However, you may request not to be called by us here.

Note that for most surveys the Government require us to make several attempts to call your number.

All telephone surveys conducted by McNair yellowSquares may be monitored or recorded for training and quality control purposes. Respondents have the option to discontinue the survey at any time.

McNair yellowSquares conducts interviews during the following hours:

Monday to Friday: 10am to 8:30pm
Saturday: 10am to 5pm
Sunday: 10am to 5pm (as required)

Our privacy policy can be found here.

South Australian Population Health Survey (SAPHS) monitors population trends in health risk factors and chronic diseases on behalf of the South Australia Health so that the SA Health has information to monitor population health status and to assist in the planning, implementation and evaluation of health services, policies and programs. On average, the survey takes 20 minutes to complete. All answers are confidential and all results will be presented in a form that does not allow any individual's answers to be identified. Participants are selected to participate by the generation of Random phone numbers – both mobile numbers and landlines. While best efforts are made to only select people in South Australia, some mobile numbers from other states are called.

Participants have the option to nominate an alternative time to complete the survey, and also have to option to complete the survey online at their convenience. Results from these surveys will be published annually, and can be seen at

You can contact McNair regarding this study via or by calling 1800 669 133.