B2B & F2F / In-depth

We maintain a team of interviewers who have been trained in central location interviewing as well as a team of executive interviewers for business interviews that need to be conducted in person.

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Central location projects are designed with a team and supervisor for each location to manage the sampling requirements and overall flow of the project.  The interviewing teams are fully briefed on the objectives of the study, the questionnaire and any quota requirements.

Our interviewing teams generally work with a paper questionnaire which enables the supervisor to quickly check their work and conduct validations with the respondent if required.

Any show cards or materials are provided to each interviewer in a dedicated pack to facilitate ease of use and ensure items are maintained securely.

At the end of each interviewing shift, completed surveys and interviewing records are provided to the office for data entry.  The consultant is kept informed of progress each day and can report to the client as required.

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In-depth Interviews

In-depth interviews also tend to be a hybrid qualitative/quantitative option depending on the requirements of the project.  Our process for in-depth interviews is to develop a discussion guide in conjunction with the client, which provides the scope and parameters for the discussion without a strict question structure.  This allows for a discussion of issues and topics that are important for the participant in the context of the area under investigation.

In many projects, in-depth interviews are used as a precursor to the development of a more formal quantitative instrument to ensure all the relevant issues are included in the questionnaire and that the language used is appropriate to the audience.

In-depth interviews are a particularly useful way of speaking with business people, particularly senior executives and CEOs who are difficult to get together for focus groups. Conducting one-on-one interviews means these time-poor professionals can be interviewed at a time that suits them, while still allowing for detailed, personal responses.

In-depth interviews can be conducted either by telephone or face-to-face depending on the circumstances and the need for stimulus material to be presented.  Quite often in-depth interviews are scheduled to be held at the participant’s home or office but they may be at a central location if the project includes the use of materials or products that cannot easily be transported.

Our consultants or our senior executive interviewers may be used for these interviews depending on the requirements of the project.

In-depth interviews, particularly business interviews, require a great deal of flexibility on behalf of the interviewer to fit in with respondent availability and schedules.  Our recruitment team work with the respondents and interviewers to ensure the most convenient appointment times.

In-depth interviews are generally reported via an in-person presentation with accompanying report.  Where results are used to help develop a subsequent survey, a less formal report is generally provided.