Web surveys are best suited to research amongst established lists of consumers or customers who have some connection with the survey purpose.  For instance users of a product or brand, readers of a magazine or members of an organisation have a higher propensity to participate.

The sample file for internet surveys can be generated either from our research panel, a client list (assuming relevant contact permission is available) or a purchased list depending on the requirements of the project.

We have an in-house web design team for the development of internet surveys.  This team converts the signed-off paper questionnaire into a web version incorporating visuals and audio files where required.  This is then tested internally to ensure all skips, routing and audio-visuals are functioning appropriately before being fielded. The sample file is then loaded on to the fileserver and any quota requirements are programmed.  Quotas are monitored by the software during the survey.

Web survey invitations are sent to respondents with an embedded link to the survey.  The program ensures that each respondent can only participate in the survey once. Each respondent link is unique, thereby ensuring that the selected respondent is the person who completes the survey. Basic details for respondents are collected in each survey and checked against the sample file to validate the respondent.  Answer patterns are also monitored for both inconsistency and over-consistency to ensure that respondents are completing the survey with due care and consideration.