Two years of Abbott Government – Scorecard

Chris Mawn Media Release


The poll was conducted by means of a state-of-the-art hybrid online and mobile survey. Hence, 70% of respondents participated in response to an email and completed the survey online, and 30% were invited by means of a text message sent to their mobile phone, and completed the survey on a smartphone. A limited sample, high-response rate process was used to ensure a good profile of respondents.


The poll was conducted between Thursday 3rd September and Friday 4th September 2015.


Participants in this poll comprised a nationally representative selection of members of the Surveyvillage online panel who had opted-in to participate in online surveys and who were entitled to vote in Australia. In total there were 1,019 respondents who completed the poll.


The survey invitations were managed in order invite a statistically balance representation of people in each major city and regional area across Australia, and the results were weighted to the latest population statistics by age, gender and location.

About McNair Ingenuity Research:

McNair Ingenuity Research has been providing market and social research since 2001. McNair was the premier name in research – dating back to 1936.

All McNair Ingenuity Researchers are members of the Australian Market and Social Research Society and Qualified Practicing Market Researchers. Both McNair Ingenuity Research and yellowSquares, which operates Surveyvillage, are accredited to the International Standard for Market and Social Research, ISO 20252.

Contact: Matt Balogh

Matt Balogh has 30 years experience in market and social research, including nearly a decade as Group Marketing Services Manager at News Ltd. In the late 1990s Matt was General Manager of Quadrant Research before establishing Ingenuity Research. His vast experience in consumer and media research brings him into great demand with many blue chip Australian organisations. Matt’s specialties include social and media research, as well as health, safety and employee research, and his Masters’ thesis was in Political Opinion Polling.

Matt Balogh has long been very involved in the Australian Market and Social Research Society, including 3 years as Vice President, regularly speaking at conferences (and winning the Tony Wheeler Best Paper Award in 2006) and is currently on the Research News Editorial Committee. Matt was appointed a Fellow of the Australian Market and Social Research Society on Thursday 3rd September 2015.